Thom Barnett, also known as Captain Thom Bedlam and The Wizard of Odd, has performed for television, circuses, theaters, fairs, festivals, corporations and niteclubs, everywhere from up at the North Pole (Canadian Forces Station Alert) to as far south as Buenos Aires, Argentina and from his home (when away from his sloop the Mollie M) of Toronto all the way to Singapore. He combines music, illusion and his own bizarre twists into a fantastic and fun presentation. Thom's magic motto? Laugh first, ask questions later!

Not your average rabbit puller, Thom performed with the Las Vegas touring company Magic & More in venues around the world. He’s been featured in fairs throughout North America from Dallas to St. Louis and at his local CNE. Corporately, Thom has customized appearances for Sharp Electronics, Hilton Hotels, Rothmans, Ford Motor Company of Canada and Nestles, to name just a handful. Thom has been internationally televised on many shows, from Canada's Dini Petty Show to Argentina's Rock and Pop, and was part of the Mexican  Circo Hermano Suarez , home circus of the Latin American soap opera Cassandra. 

Thom works the full spectrum of magic including; close-up magic with cards  and coins, spectacular stage illusion shows, customized Magi Corporate presentations, themed characterizations and impersonations, and Thom has even worked with lions, tigers and alligators (oh my )!

His broad experience and versatility make Thom ideal for any venue, not only as a somewhat eccentric entertainer but also as a superb promoter, Master of Ceremonies and interactive speaker on Creativity and “Black Swan” thinking.

From poignancy to piracy, and from Grand Illusion to Grinch, no matter what form of entertainment he's undertaking, Thom's off the wall style, skill and easy, friendly manner are a pleasure for everyone to watch. He is totally professional and always extremely fun !


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